This is a shooting game that I have made based on the Playbuffer framework made by SUMO Digital and the final game made in the Playbuffer manual. Check out the framework here:

Player controls a spider called agent 8. Goal of the game is to get as many points as possible. Shooting at the tools, hearts, red spiders, or picking up coins can give points. Picking up hearts can recover health. Being hit by a tool or an orange laser will cause player to lose lives. If all three lives of the player deplete, game ends.

Agent 8 has three firing modes: laser, bullet and missile. Three modes have different mechanics.

  • Movement: arrow keys
  • Activate shield: S key
  • Cycle through firing modes: A key
  • Laser mode: press space to fire, hold space to charge up for energy shockwave
  • Bullet mode: press/hold space to fire, press R to reload
  • Missile mode: hold and release space to fire
  • Pause: TAB key
  • Exit: ESC key

For more detailed gameplay mechanics, read the README file in the folder.